Whether you want to learn the basics or take it to the max and learn how to water start, wave jump and all the top tricks and manoeuvres, Active Island Sports can tailor to your every need. We have a full range of equipment from beginners’ boards, children's sails and a beach simulator, to full wave boards and the top brand sails to match. This is a sport that all ages can enjoy and you’ll be up and sailing before you know it with our expert RYA qualified tuition. Fully equipped guard boat is on stand by at all times.

Why not learn to enjoy a relaxed sail around the beautiful safe bay of St. Brelades?

Dinghy sailing
We are Jersey’s ONLY sailing hire centre and you can hire boats and receive tuition. We have a great variety of sailing dinghies from fun boats to picos, toppers and racing tazs. Dinghy sailing is a popular water sport. It’s not only addictive and exhilarating, but it teaches you to work closely with the elements, both wind and water. Private and group lessons are available and evening sessions can also be arranged.

Bodyboards & surfboards

Bodyboarding and surfing are at the forefront of Jersey’s culture so come and catch the waves with us. A safe and fun way to get to know Jersey’s waters in confidence, we have wetsuits to suit all ages and sizes if you feel the need for extra warmth!
Tuition aimed at getting you started and understanding wave movements.

Stand-up paddling
Stand-up paddling/surfing is the new rage and is growing in popularity across the US, Hawaii and now the British Isles.

A new dimension to surfing, it involves standing on a large longboard, and using a long-handled canoe paddle to propel yourself forward to help you catch the waves.
It’s a great way to keep fit, an alternative way to ride the surf and is great fun!”

It improves and strengthens your inner core stability and muscles, and provides a balanced work-out. You can ride a wave much earlier and easier than on the conventional surfboards.

Active Island Sports, the first water sports operator to offer this exciting new watersport, has already seen significant interest in this activity, which is a sport practiced at one time by the beach boys of Waikiki, with roots that likely trace back even further.